Hi, I'm Hannah

I am a Certified Health Coach trained through Dr. Sear's Wellness Institute. I believe in choosing real, whole foods over processed versions. I don't believe in fad diets or quick fixes.

In February 2014 my life was forever altered when my mother suddenly passed away. My body went into complete shock and my grief came pouring out literally.

The acne I had battled for years erupted with a vengeance, practically overnight. I tried several of the commercial approaches and was left disappointed and confused. I finally realized that my acne was a reflection of my internal self. I would need to heal my body from the inside out. Thus began my journey in understanding nutrition and the effect foods have on the body.

I have always been an avid exerciser but eating well was another story. In fact, one reason I loved to exercise was so I could eat whatever I felt like eating. But that was an illusion. My weight and appearance always portrayed good health so it never occurred to me that there is much more to wellness than maintaining a certain body weight and keeping a trim figure.

Healing involves not only changing our eating habits but also includes our spiritual and emotional states. During my journey I grew stronger in my faith. At times I despaired of ever finding the answers. Doubt, uncertainty and fear at times attacked my confidence and resolve, but God is faithful. Now the Lord has placed it upon my heart to teach and coach other women.

My husband is a combat veteran and a member of the Wounded Warrior Project. I homeschool our two beautiful daughters. I have a passion for fitness and consider myself a devotee to the Tracy Anderson Method.

Welcome! I am so glad you're here.