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Do you ever wonder if the foods in your home are providing the best nourishment for you and your family?
Would you like to better understand ingredient labels and nutrition facts?
Do you want to choose healthy, nurturing foods but aren't sure what the best choices are?
With Pantry Plus+ I will teach you how to properly evaluate each item of food in your home.
  • Learn the principles of Traffic Light Eating
  • Learn which ingredients to avoid for optimum health
  • Learn Healthy Substitutions
  • Learn to evaluate a nutrition label
  • Discover why calories and fat may not be the most important item on a nutrition label
  • Receive guidance on specific brands
  • Learn how to meal-plan
  • Learn how to modify recipes to suit your individual and family needs
*Pantry Plus+ includes your pantry, refrigerator and freezer. I promise we never throw food away. There is no judgment or criticism. I strive to make every client feel safe and comfortable as we discuss their individual and family needs.


The grocery store can be an overwhelming place. Throw in trying to make healthy food choices and the process can quickly become daunting. Avoid the stress of "what to buy"! Invest in a Smart Grocery Shopping trip and I will be your guide as we navigate your favorite grocery store.
  • Learn where the healthiest foods in the store are located
  • Learn how to evaluate a product for its nutritional value
  • Learn how to evaluate food manufacturers' marketing ploys
The goal of Smart Grocery Shopping is to foster independence. Most clients feel completely confident to evaluate foods on their own after one or two sessions.

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