The Truth About Fragrance In Your Skincare Products

Have you ever wondered about the role of fragrance in your skincare products?

For years and years I didn't care if fragrance was in my skincare products.  In fact, quite the opposite was true. If my skincare products smelled good they were all the more enjoyable to use.

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Nowadays its a different story.  After researching and learning the truth I've wisened up a bit. I no longer choose a product based on its flowery scent.

Here's why:

Fragrance is a non-essential ingredient that is often added to pull you - the consumer - in. 

It's Marketing 101. Make a product smell nice and people will want to buy it.  

Unfortunately, while fragrance may make a product smell nice it can lead to potential problems. 

Some of you may know that you have a fragrance allergy and you are already avoiding fragrance in your skin care products. If so that's fantastic. 

However, for some having fragrance added to a product seems like a non-issue. If there is no visible physical reaction all must be well, right?

Maybe not. 

Fragrance compounds are sensitizers meaning you can develop a sensitivity or allergy to it over time. Just because you don't find that product irritating to your skin now, doesn't mean you won't later down the road. 

Fragrance compounds are also co-sensitizers. This means that you're more likely to become sensitive to other ingredients in the product simply because fragrance is included. 

Products with fragrance can lead to or exasperate rosacea, acne flare-ups, and dryness.  Who wants that? 

Are products with fragrance ever okay to use? 

The only time I am okay with fragrance being in a skin care product is if it's in a cleanser and listed as the very last ingredient.

Because you don't leave cleanser on your face you are less likely to develop a problem. However, be sure you are properly rinsing after cleansing. Rinse, rinse and rinse again. You want to remove all traces of cleanser from your face before moving on to the next step in your skincare routine.  This is true whether or not your cleanser contains fragrance. Rinse and rinse again. 

Oh and that micellar water you love that is marketed as a no rinse formula? Sorry, but you have to rinse that cleanser as well. 

Always keep a close eye on your skin. If you see any signs of irritation or feel a stinging or burning sensation, I recommend you stop using that product and find a replacement that is fragrance-free. 

It's unfortunate that some skin care companies make incredible formulations and then add fragrance. I encourage you to check your products to see if fragrance is listed as one of the ingredients. 

Is your current skincare routine comprised of products that contain fragrance? Leave a comment and let me know!                                                                            


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